Biomaterials for advanced applications

Master period

Bionanofiber-enhanced functional nanomaterials for advanced applications

1. Chitin nanocrystals + Polydopamine + Silver nanoparticles = Ultrafiltration membrane for continuous flow catalysis and gold recovery

(1D nanomaterials + 0D nanomaterials)

2. Chitin nanofiber + Reduced graphene oxide = Solid capacitor
Chitin nanofiber + WS2 = Photo-thermal converter
(1D nanomaterials + 2D nanomaterials)

3. Cellulose nanofiber + Metal-organic framework = Aerogels for rapid and large-capacity adsorption

Doctor period

Fabrication of Porous and Defective Carbon Structures by Carbonization of Biofiber Paper for Sensing and Energy-Storage Applications

Funding name: 炭化バイオナノファイバーの構造解析と機能開拓

From: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 

1. Pyrolyzed chitin nanofiber paper as a three-dimensional porous and defective nanocarbon for photosensing and energy storage

2. Polydopamine doping and pyrolysis of cellulose nanofiber paper for fabrication of three-dimensional nanocarbon with improved yield and capacitive performances

3. All-cellulose-derived humidity sensor prepared by direct laser writing of conductive and moisture-stable electrodes on TEMPO-oxidized cellulose paper