Biomaterials for advanced applications

Master period

Bionanofiber-enhanced functional nanomaterials for advanced applications

1. Chitin nanocrystals + Polydopamine + Silver nanoparticles = Ultrafiltration membrane for continuous flow catalysis and gold recovery

(1D nanomaterials + 0D nanomaterials)

2. Chitin nanofiber + Reduced graphene oxide = Solid capacitor
Chitin nanofiber + WS2 = Photo-thermal converter
(1D nanomaterials + 2D nanomaterials)

3. Cellulose nanofiber + Metal-organic framework = Aerogels for rapid and large-capacity adsorption

Doctor period

Molecular structure design of biomaterials by carbonization for functional development

Funding name: 炭化バイオナノファイバーの構造解析と機能開拓

From: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) 

1. Pyrolyzed chitin nanofiber paper as 3D porous and defective nanocarbon for energy storage and photo sensor

2. To be continued

3. To be continued